3 Easy Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

A tree-lined dwelling area makes a nice and healthy living space. But when it’s maintenance time, the dried leaves and twigs that clogs the roof calls for gutter cleaning. Cleaning this part of your property is not easy. Reaching the heights brings you close to danger.

No need to fret though, there are safety and maintenance tips that can guide you when doing this. To ensure your home’s safety, be sure to keep yourself safe from harm too.

This list guides you with gutter cleaning safety tips. So prepare and get your homes ready. You might need to do some checking and keeping handy tools intact.

Why Clean the Gutter?

First, let us answer this. If cleaning the far-reaching areas at your property poses a danger, then why should you risk it? There are professionals to help you with maintaining and cleaning impossible places in your homes. 

But most part, you, as a homeowner, need to be the chief of maintenance. It makes sure that you provide maximum attention to your household. Having the basic and necessary knowledge of what’s up and about the house makes you effectively keep the home safe and healthy.

Having said this, you will also be able to provide enough information if you call experts. You can cooperate with professional gutter cleaning services successfully. This way, you will avoid mistakes when providing repairs in the future.

Now its time to clean the gutters. Here are helpful tips to keep you free from harm.

1. Get your Gears Up

Before climbing up the roof, have yourself fully armed and ready, all complete with gears. Here are what you need to prepare:

  • Gloves. Wear leather or rubber gloves. Not the mitten-like ones. Having a tiny whole from kitted gloves can make sharp pointed tools prick you. Or twigs getting in your hands. It can be harmful. 
  • Eyewear or goggles. Not the ones for snorkeling. There are industrial goggles that can be used to protect your eyes fro scrupling leaves, twigs, and more. Climbing up the blowing winds can get harsh.
  • Rubber-soled shoes or boots. This will protect you as you need to walk above the roof, dried branches and twigs have pointed ends. This can cause some accidents if stepped on some of them.
  • Gutter Scoop.
  • Bucket.
  • Bucket hanger.
  • Tools: rake, scoop, and extendable stick.

Have your gears and tools complete before you climb up the gutter. This minimizes your tendency to go back up and down, which may pose further accidents. 

Be prepared. Be safe.

2. Set up the ladder

Adjustable ladders are best for gutter cleaning. There may be the surface on the ground that is not even so having the foot of one side of the ladder changeable will secure a sturdy hold on the ground.

When using the ladder, the best tip for you is to make sure that you adjust it from the ground. Be wise enough to avoid using adjustable ladders and extend its parts while climbing. 

Although these special ladders particularly for the gutters, where you can adjust while you climb, this can be more dangerous. Instead of having a more manageable life cleaning, you are more prone to having accidents. Have patience, therefore, and work on climbing down then back up.

3. Partner with your Buddy

This is an important tip. Have someone else know that you are going to clean the gutter. Here are the reasons why.

First, it is safe for you up there that the people down here know you’re there. It is wise to get them aware of being careful not letting anyone scruffle around the property. They might accidentally bump on the ladder while you’re there.

Second, if something unavoidable happens, someone can get to you quickly and know where you are. Hopefully, you won’t meet any trouble. Keep safe.

Thirdly, you can ask for assistance. Especially when you are using the ladder. It is always the safest strategy to have someone watch over you. 


Final Reminders…

Your safety is everyone’s safety. It reduces the risks and fear around you when you know you can confidently work on places that can be threatening, like your roof gutter.

Be prepared, and if you lack the necessary items in these tips, it’s always better to seek help from the one’s expert in this service. If you find yourself working by yourself, at least have someone extend their attention by keeping an eye on your safety. Just don’t do this cleaning alone.

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