Root Collar Excavation Pittsburgh

Root collar excavation Pittsburgh is a crucial practice to ensure your trees grow healthy and strong. If you want the best root collar excavation experts to work for you, consider us! Our professionals have the right experience that will improve the health of your trees and yard at large.

Our team has a clear understanding that root collar excavation is a vital practice that needs to be done regularly to extend the lifespan of your trees.  Trust only the best in the industry coming from our excellent reputation and trustworthiness. Visit our website and fill out the online form or call us now at (412) 253-4663 for a FREE QUOTE! Have any questions in mind? Get a free consultation from our customer care team. We’re happy to get in touch with you!

Is Root Collar Excavation Essential?

Excessive mulching can have a negative impact on your trees. It can also affect the flow of nutrients to the roots of your trees. Therefore, your trees are likely to become weak, pest-infested and vulnerable to diseases. Luckily, we find perfect solutions for your trees by uncovering their root covers to make sure that they remain healthy. Failure to uncover your tree’s root collar causes a lot of problems.

  • Undersized leaves
  • Weak and yellow leaves
  • Infestation of pests
  • Premature fall coloration
  • Poor growth rate of trees

Root collar excavation Pittsburgh is an essential to save your trees and give them a better look. Call us anytime and we’ll be right there! Our team has the right equipment for the root collar excavation job. We promise you quality service at an affordable price.

Root Collar Excavation Procedure

  1. Inspection is done thoroughly by our experts. This helps us know whether the tree has been affected by excessive mulching or not. A proper assessment will also give us an opportunity to know the right equipment to use to complete the excavation process.
  2. Remove the mulch or dirt surrounding the truck of the tree. This gives us a chance to inspect the base of the tree affected. We will also check the extent of decay and root formation. At our agency, we always use the right apparatus to ensure that we do not damage the roots of your trees.
  3. Take the necessary action according to the condition of your roots. We may incorporate the required nutrients to be absorbed by the roots or alternatively, perform root pruning.
Root Collar Excavation

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Do not allow unprofessional individuals to damage your trees during the excavation process. Call us now and get the right professionals to handle the tasks. We make sure your trees are back healthy and stable. Have any questions about Root Collar Excavation or other tree services? Reach us now and our friendly support will professionally discuss and solve your needs. 

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