What is Mulching & its Advantages?

Trees are like humans. They need food, air, and water to survive. They need care and attention too. One way to provide these to the trees is through mulching. 

This process is essential to create a healthy breeding ground for the tree. This is a natural way of fertilizing the roots and making certain nutrients are absorbed effectively.

This blog provides the basics of mulching and its advantages.

Mulch Definition

Mulching is the use of organic and inorganic materials to cover the soil that surrounds a healthy tree. It prevents weeds from growing around it. Also, it keeps the soil rich with nutrients. 

For trees to stay healthy, cutting the grass around it is necessary. Taking the weeds out and cutting the grass on the soil requires much effort. Killing the killer weeds have got others to make desperate moves, like using chemicals. This harms the trees. If you can’t keep the grass out, you can prevent them from increasing in legions. So, a safer mechanism is the use of organic materials through mulching.

Organic mulch uses dried leaves, chipped barks, or shredded cedar or pinewoods. Inorganic mulching uses gravel, pebbles, or plastic covering. Covering the soil under the tree is done in a certain period. 

When winter comes, mulching is done to preserve and regulate moisture under the roots of the tree. So that there will be enough water and air supply the tree gets.

The Advantages

Soil Fertility

How can mulch fertilize the soil? Organic materials from the mulch were left to rot. That is where nutrients will come from. For a particular time and season, a soils’ properties deplete. Mulching is one way to restore the nutritional requirements of the soil.

Stopping the Killer Weeds

As mentioned above, the mulch helps to decrease the growth of weeds or grass. Stopping the growth of weeds allows you to cut labor. It saves time and effort. It’s less stressful for you. It’s less stress for the trees too.

Protection from the Harsh Weather

Mulch helps the soil retain moisture. It supports to keep the soil a cold temperature in a warm climate. Mulching prevents the icing of soils during winter and still provide the humidity that the ground needs. 

The mulch that covers the ground also helps prevent erosion due to heavy rains and strong winds.

Prevents rotting and Fungus on soils

A least known problem of trees that can be caused by the soil’s poor health is the infestation of molds or fungus.

Rotting roots are sometimes due to the fruits or leaves rotting on the ground. A soil that is too damp and gets contact with rotting fruits will grow molds. The molds will crawl to roots and even to the tree trunk. 

With mulch, the soil separates from the falling organic materials.

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