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At The Tree Service Pittsburgh, we have been providing Professional and quality lot clearing and land clearing Pittsburgh services for several years. We have a  vast experience in lot clearing to remove obstructions and nuances in your property. Our job is to prepare your land for new construction, renovation, lawn expansions and your landscape ideas. Rest assured, we are well-trained technicians who have complete knowledge about a variety of lot clearing. You are sure to get these services at an affordable price and high quality. Reach us thru phone call or fill out the online request form on our website.

Benefits of Lot Clearing & Land Clearing Services?

Lot clearing Pittsburgh by professional contractors gives you a clean and even land. It consists of labor-intensive and time-consuming processes using sophisticated tools and machinery. We’ve listed you a few of the many benefits you get.

1. Provide Safety

Old or dead trees, broken branches have potential risks of falling or crashing down. It poses a threat to your life and property. Thick bushes provide the breeding ground for pests and rodents that have risks of attacks, diseases, and damage property. Lot clearing effectively solves these issues by removing the unwanted trees and bushes down to the last twig.

2. Get new land for construction

Lot clearing gives you a new land that can be used for the construction of the new property. Large rocks, trees, plants and shrubs, and other debris are removed from during lot clearing.

The land is made even by covering large pits or leveling the raised ground.

3. Adds Aesthetic Look

The clearing of unwanted trees and shrubs gives your property a clean and aesthetic look. The ground is prepared for the planting of new trees and plants. It creates a pleasing environment and removes eyesores from piled up debris and overgrown trees and shrubs.

4. Increase property valuehouse-front-yard-with-trees

A clean looking property and lawn after lot clearing entices buyers when you plan to sell. It appreciates the sale value of your property and fetches a higher selling price.

Lot & Land Clearing Services Pittsburgh | Process

Lot and land clearing Pittsburgh isn’t an easy task and we know it might get you skeptical about the whole process. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Preparation. Preparation is always vital and our team of experienced land clearing contractors will come in and survey the area. Should you need blueprints and consultation on your plans after the procedure, we’d be more than glad to help you out!
  • Actual Cleaning. Some trees, bushes, and other obstructions will then be removed depending on your project. Heavy equipment and excavation vehicles may be needed and papers may need to be processed. Not to worry, we’ve handled this a hundred times! We’ll get you through the things you need to know and papers you may need to prepare.
  • Grading Process. After uprooting and removing these obstructions, this leaves the soil loose and susceptible to erosion. Thus, erosion prevention and proper drainage systems must be installed. We’ll have it planned out for you to see beforehand and weave it to fit the project that will be done. 

Why Get a Professional Lot Clearing & Land Clearing Pittsburgh PA?

The Tree Service Pittsburgh is a professional team with vast experience in lot clearing and land preparation. We have provided many similar lot clearing services to many customers in the past. It may appear that you can do the lot clearing for yourself. A professional lot clearing Pittsburgh services save your time and money. It also prevents you from unwanted stress from a DIY task that is done without proper tools and experience. Some of the benefits of choosing our services include:

  • Certified and insured technicians.
  • Dedicated and committed team with attention to detail.
  • Use the latest tools and techniques to get the job done.
  • We ensure our lot clearing will not allow regrowth and sprout of inverted trees and shrubs.
  • Trusted and safe lot clearing services at an affordable price.
  • Complete know-how all the lot clearing process and competency to handle any challenges.
  • Friendly and responsive team completely understands your requirements.
  • Professional and neat looking land that is well prepared and made ready for your next project or use.

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We are just a phone call away to provide complete lot clearing for your property. Get the job done with us! We reach your spot to understand your requirements. We conduct an initial inspection of your property, determine the best services suitable for you. You can also reach us with a filled online request form on our website.
We provide a no-obligation free quote for the determined services for lot clearing. You can rely on our professional lot clearing services and give us a call. We assure you get high satisfaction that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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