How Can Green Waste Recycling Help Our Environment?

Every year, the number of natural disasters that hit us seems to increase – causing more and more destruction of property and loss of lives. It looks like nature is getting back at us for the climate change that we have created. Fortunately, because of this, more people are getting involved in green movements and are starting to shift to a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable life, trying to save what’s left of us.

Now you should ask yourself, “am I doing my part?” If your answer here is no, do not worry because it’s not too late. There are big and small eco-conscious habits that you could implement in your life for you to help spark a change, from recycling and reusing to a full lifestyle change. If you want to start with an easy task, then you should go with green waste recycling first. Even though it’s an uncomplicated job, it can create a huge impact. 

How is Green Waste Recycling done?

Green Waste Recycling

If you just started your sustainability journey, this might be the first time you heard of this. However, I am sure that you are familiar with this method. Green waste recycling is done by collecting your “green waste” such as dried leaves, flowers, grass, and other garden waste. It is essential to separate these organic waste from the other trash that you accumulate. Have a bin that is exclusively for green waste recycling.

Once you’ve collected all your garden waste, your local council will pick it up. 94% of local councils in the United Kingdom started a service where they collect green waste from each household in their community. If this isn’t the case where you live, there are also private waste management companies that provide this service. If this isn’t still viable for you, you can always opt for the good old green waste composting.


Why is Green Waste Recycling Important?

In doing green waste recycling and composting, we can lessen and, someday, totally avoid the dumping of biodegradable waste in landfills. Sending organic waste to decompose in landfills increases the production of methane gas. The high amount of methane in the atmosphere, along with carbon dioxide, causes greenhouses effects that contribute to climate change. In short, green waste in landfills is very disruptive for the environment. According to EPA or Environmental Protection Agency, in 2011 alone, 103 million metric tonnes of methane in the atmosphere was produced by landfills. Imagine what that may have caused our environment and its inhabitants and how we could have helped if we started green waste recycling. 

We have to tell others that we can do something to fix this and save our world. Though we cannot do anything about the capitalist conglomerates that hugely contributes to climate change, we as individuals can do something powerful if we all do it together. Remember that doing something small is better than doing nothing.


Want to start with green waste recycling? Our team of certified arborists can help you! If you’re interested in learning more, check out our next blog about why tree removal can be important.

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