Green Waste Recycling Pittsburgh

At The Tree Service Pittsburg, we’re lovers of all things green and beautiful, and that’s why we’re now offering a Green Waste Recycling Pittsburgh Service! The environmentally weary state of the world right now means we need to be more eco-friendly in as many ways as possible. Most people are on top of plastic, cardboard and paper recycling, but now more and more folk are adding a new player to their recycling roster: green waste!

Questions about Green Waste

  • What’s classed as green waste?

    Your garden is a bountiful haven of biodegradable goodness. Anything that grows and is capable of decomposition by natural bacteria or other living organisms is classed as green waste. This includes:

    • Grass clippings
    • Plants
    • Flowers
    • Leaves
    • Branches
    • Hedge Trimmings

    You will be provided with a dedicated green waste recycling bin in which you can put all of the above. You’ll be amazed at just how much you can squeeze into these bins – then, we’ll do the rest.

    What can we do with it?

    We provide the means for biodegradable waste to fulfill its new-life giving potential. Instead of sending green waste to landfills, which is a hugely missed opportunity, we will collect green waste from your premises and then process it at our dedicated recycling center. There the waste is screened, shredded, and analysed, before it starts its new life as a fresh new product. The circle of life will then work its magic.

    Why is it important?

    Anyone who is striving for sustainability should be keen to avoid the use of landfills. If simply left to decompose in great heaps, green waste releases high amounts of methane into the atmosphere, causing further harm to our environment. Plus, landfills everywhere are fit to burst. They are overused and can’t possibly accommodate the overwhelming mass of waste produced in the US. All these problems and more are solved through the simple act of recycling. To give our planet the best possible chance of sustainability, we need to ensure that all biodegradable materials are processed responsibly, with the environment’s best interest in mind. We are committed to doing our bit, but we need your help!

Green Waste Recycling

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A fully licensed team of skilled arborists, we have decades of experience working with the green-life of America. We care deeply about the customer experience and providing you with the best possible service. Most importantly, we are passionate about sustainability and doing whatever we can to protect our environment. You can rest assured that, with us, all of your green waste will be given the means to fulfill its maximum potential, and that it will be handled with efficiency and care.

If you have any questions about our other tree service, tree disease & prevention, tree shaping Pittsburgh, or green waste recycling Pittsburgh in general, then we’d love to chat! You can contact us and get a free quote on (412) 253-4664, or you can fill out our online form.

Turn the page to this new chapter of recycling and sustainability. Help us give our planet a better fighting chance through green waste recycling Pittsburgh!

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