Why You Need to Get your Tree Evaluation ASAP


Trees can go from healthy to hazardous in a blink of an eye. There are beautiful trees in your yard that add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Then some trees pose an imminent threat. They might need tree removal before it comes crashing down on your roof. Here are five reasons why you need to get your tree or trees evaluated ASAP.

What Tree Evaluators Inspect:

1. Branch and trunk structure

Branches provide the tree with a framework to resist stress from wind and storms. Those with a bad structure pose a risk of toppling down or branches splitting. Some trees compensate by adding more bark to the branches, but it gives a weak design and easily breaks off. Call an arborist to check if your tree branches show signs of bad structure. It may need pruning or a different tree service.

2. Areas surrounding the tree

Trees that are near infrastructures can cause short-term and long-term problems. For one, trees are a magnet for pests and animals, like snakes! While some plants serve as food and shelter for many species. For this reason, you may want to reconsider keeping your trees close to your windows and walls.
In the long run, tree roots run underground, and it can ruin a building’s foundation. It will then be harder to repair if the damage has been done.

3. Infestations

As mentioned above, all forms of life can thrive on trees. A lot of these can result in a weak structure. As time pass, branches and trunks fall everywhere. 

  • Pests and animals

The Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) is a kind of wood-boring insects. They feed on 12 varieties of hardwood in America. Beetles, ants, and even certain Woodpeckers species can hollow out the trunks. It can make the trees susceptible to breaking and falling.

  • Fungus and mushrooms

Most fungi and mushrooms grow on dead trees. They can appear all over the roots, trunk, and even on the branches. It can be an indicator that the tree or part of it is dead or dying. It is best to get it checked to see if the plant can still be salvaged.


4. Destruction from Storms and Wind

You might think that the worst is over once the storm has passed. Sadly, this common mistake can lead to something fatal. The rain and strong winds harm the tree. It wears the trunk and can potentially leave cracks on the branches. A closer examination must be done for tall trees. Doing it ensures removing any loose parts. Dangling branches must go before it ends up hurting people or damaging things below it. Lightning marks a long streak on the trunks. When this is the scenario, have professionals check your tree.

5. Dead trees

Not a lot of trees live up to old age. Other factors, like dry spells, soil erosion, and other pollution, cause premature death. So you might ask, “Since it’s dead, shouldn’t I just let it be?”

Well, other than your trees hurting your home’s market value, dead trees are an instant attraction for infestations. Pests eat away the trunks core that makes it prone to falling. Ask for an expert to inspect the tree. If you think a tree is dead or dying, have it removed by a professional to minimize its harm.

So, if you’ve checked more than once on this list, call a professional tree cutting service right away. Ask what would be the best course of action. After all, carefulness costs less than carelessness. Want to read more of our articles? Check out our next blog post on safe gutter cleaning tips.

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